Employment Consultants

We have a strong network of clients with long-standing relationships. Our employment consultants give you the best chances of securing the position you want. We ensure that your role will fit your career requirements.

Services offered to our awesome Candidates:

  • Offering you access to exclusive positions.
  • We assist you with competency-based and technical interviews.
  • Your CV is written by our Curriculum Vitae experts.

These are just a few ways we will help you get the employment you deserve.

Simply click on the Job Enquiry button below and follow the instructions provided.

All Industries Covered

No matter the industry you qualify for we will have a position that suits you.

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6 Ways We Help Our Job Seekers

Our Employment Consultants work with you to secure the best positions available.

Here are 6 more ways we assist our Job Seekers:

  1. We prepare you for the interview, and give you tips and relevant information about the company beforehand.
  2. Our team of experts take care of any documentation needed.
  3. We always keep you informed and follow up with the client throughout the process.
  4. We ensure that our Job Seekers are fully qualified in order to maintain the position on offer.
  5. Our Employment Consultants negotiate with the client to attain the best salary for the job.
  6. JC Narun is always on the lookout for other opportunities for our qualified candidates.