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JC Narun

JC Narun History:

Joseph Narun started his career as a bookkeeper in the early ‘90’s. He obtained his B-Com Accounting Degree and has worked in the Retail and Banking sectors in senior Financial Management and Leadership positions for over 20 years.

Joseph was asked to join the Nedbank SAP Implementation and subsequently appointed as Head of the SAP production department overseeing Finance, procurement and HR SAP implementations and operations.

Joseph has been involved in 4 full SAP Implementations across the Banking and Retail Sector namely Nedbank, Shoprite and Massdiscounters Greenfields S4 HANA 1809. Joseph is currently providing consulting services to the SPAR Group as a Lead Finance & Integration Architect on a Greenfield S4 Model company project.

Currently Joseph’s Resume Consists Of:

6 Years Head Customer Experience

5 Years Business Analyst Manager

7 Years SAP Functional, Cutover & Data Purification

20 Years In Financial Management


Across his vast career Joseph has always been seen as a value add resource who can manage diverse teams of people as well as being a strong individual player. With many diverse skills such as:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Communications
  • Influence
  • Setting Goals
  • Leadership

Joseph has won many awards over his career as a permanent employee and as a consultant and prides himself on ensuring that the company’s associates offer the same top class service to the clients with which they are affiliated.

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