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» We do recommend you email us a detailed CV, so we can assess your profile.

3 Questions often asked before applying:

1.) After I have applied how soon will someone come back to me?

We will keep you informed on an ongoing basis and follow up with the client through the recruitment process.

2.) How will you assist me with long term stability and advancement?

Our expert team will always be on the lookout for other opportunities, and we will be in constant communication with you for the duration of your project or assignment.

3.) Will I have a good work/life balance?

All contracts are employment are negotiated in line with the required labour laws of the country. Overtime may be required by the client due to the nature of the role or project and that will be agreed in the contract.


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Q: Am I qualified and have enough experience?

A: By uploading a well-documented and conclusive CV / Resume our team of expert recruiters can access your experience, skills and qualifications in line with positions we have available. It is important to include every bit of information however insignificant you may think that will enable us to know you better. We may contact you to obtain more information if necessary.

Q: How will my performance be evaluated, and at what frequency?

A: Every client has different measures in place to evaluate the individuals that work there. The process as well as the frequency will be discussed with you before you are on boarded. The industry norm is to do a formal evaluation twice a year with informal monthly or weekly engagement depending on the nature of the work or project that you may be appointed.

Q: What aspects about my background and experience will interest the employer?

A: Skills, Experience and Qualifications play a large role in the initial screening process however do not be discouraged should you think that do not have what is required. Document everything on a cover letter explaining to us who you are and ensure your CV contains all the information that is needed for us to do the assessment. When we receive your application we can contact you to guide and assist you.

Q: How does the hiring process work?

A: Should the client be interested, they will request an interview directly with you. We will prepare you for that interview by giving you tips and relevant information about the client and the nature of the employment or contract. Our expert team will take care of any contractual documentation needed. The companies will have their own internal documentation for you to complete should you be successful for the job.

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